Shortcuts to success AJS

Shortcuts to success

Are they worth taking? Have you ever read the book (or watched the movie) by Elizabeth Gilbert called Eat...
Mental Block as per Suez Blockage AJS

A Suez Blockage

Especially after the fact. Take The Ever Given for example – a serious blockage in the Suez Canal. 
Are we human

We are Human

And doing more than what is expected of us… It is probably a weird thing to say – We...
AJS Breaking Bad 2

Breaking Bad Part Two

In our article, Breaking Bad (Part one), we started the discussion on how to break bad habits.  We may...
AJS Breaking Bad Habits

Breaking Bad (Part One)

Breaking Bad Habits that is…. And no, this is not set in Albuquerque, New Mexico and there are no...
Innovation for Law Firms

Innovation is a verb

It is a doing word. There is a song called Teardrop by Massive Attack. The song starts off with...
AJS Magic

It’s a kind of Magic….

Sort of like the right legal tech… “By the pricking of my thumbs, Something wicked this...

The “alternative” legal solution

There is nothing alternative about Alternative Legal Service Provider’s (ALSP’s). Anymore. When one thinks about the word “alternative”, grunge...
Remote work and cost savings

On remote work and saving costs

Last week I wrote on how we experienced the fortunate outcome of our remote work software development making us, and our clients,...
What is a Section 86-3

What is a Section 86(3) Investment and why do you need it ?

The many benefits of maintaining an investment in terms of Section 86(3) are often overlooked. In fact, the administration of such accounts...
Green revolution in legal practice management systems

On being disruptive, green and fortunate outcomes

Businesses (including Lawyers) need to support a green revolution If you had told me 5 or 6 years ago...
Bill for time lawyers

Lawyers spend only 2.3 hours per day on billable time…

A recent study of 60,000 North American lawyers shows that lawyers only spend 2.3 hours per day on billable time. It makes...