Accounting and reporting by AJS

Accounting and reporting

It’s all about the money and the metrics…. For the last two weeks we have been speaking about the foundations of a business (and specifically...
AJS Part 2 of Practice Management

Practice Management – Part Two

It’s not just fundamental. It’s also interesting... As we said, February is all about foundations. The foundations of a legal practice (and therefore of a...
AJS Practice Management Part One

Practice Management – Part One

It’s fundamental... February is all about discussing foundations – foundations of a legal practice (and therefore of a business). After all, you need to understand...
Attorneys Audit by Dynamic Legal Trust Accounting

Harry Potter and the Attorneys Audit

    “Come on Mister Potter, it is not a dark art.” Harry looked at this Tormentor and thought “This is alchemy.  I am not...
AJS Going out on your own 4

Going out on your own – Part Four

Starting your own firm By now every Little Bird that has read our Starting your own law firm series must be thinking – Haven’t we...
Fortune-telling practice management

Are you in the practice of fortune-telling?

Just for peace of mind…. Picture this scene –  You are in a darkened room. Sitting around a table burdened with a heavy red velvet table...
Virtual Law Firm

How to Manage a Small Law Firm

There are many differences between managing a small law firm in comparison to a large law firm. Larger law firms often come with many...
AJS Updating Uncomplicated

The (relative) simplicity of updating

Via a web based system, of course... Admittedly, we sound like we are contradicting ourselves.  Last week, we discussed how updating computer software is a hassle....
Software Updates Issues

Oh no! I have to update…

What a hassle. Usually. We are all guilty of it – the pop-up window appears on our screens and inevitably interrupts our work flow process....
AJS Interoperability


Interoperable? I have never heard of her! What is interoperability? According to the Oxford Dictionary, interoperability refers to the ability of computer systems or software to...
Shortcuts to success AJS

Shortcuts to success

Are they worth taking? Have you ever read the book (or watched the movie) by Elizabeth Gilbert called Eat Pray Love? Yes Julia Roberts starred...
Mental Block as per Suez Blockage AJS

A Suez Blockage

Especially after the fact. Take The Ever Given for example – a serious blockage in the Suez Canal.  The Evergreen Group, a Taiwan-based shipping company’s cargo...