Legaltech job market in Africa Feb 2024

We are being told that the legal technology (legal tech) sector is booming across Africa, creating new and exciting career opportunities for tech-savvy legal professionals. But I keep getting asked – where are all the jobs?

This video provides an overview of the top legal tech jobs available across the continent. 

Major African cities like Nairobi, Lagos, Cape Town and Johannesburg are emerging as legal tech hubs, with startups offering online legal services, legal research tools, legal AI and more. Companies like Legaler, LawPadi, Lexoo, JuriFi and Oasis are hiring for roles like software engineers, product managers, business analysts, sales and marketing. 

In the second video update of 2024, we start to look at how the year has started in the legal tech job space and what we can expect moving forward.

In this video, we cover:-

  1. What is happening across the market?
  2. Is AI settling down, finding its place?
  3. Building new departments in Law firms
  4. African GC Summit
  5. Data Analytics and Remuneration

We’ve predicted that the African legal tech job market in 2024 will likely see continued growth, driven by increased adoption of legal tech solutions and the emergence of regional hubs. Let’s see if that is happening.


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