Umbiie shared economy staff recruitment

On Umbiie, all personal details remain anonymous, and only skills and experience are how one is found. Therefore, removing any potential unconscious bias. Upon registration, the legal professional completes a verification check and is found when a company, anywhere in the world, needs someone with your skills and experience.

Verification checks can take 2-4 days to complete, or even a couple of weeks depending on the recruiter, but with Umbiie, you get a fully verified profile within minutes. This makes for a more seamless and efficient recruitment process, saving time and money for both the legal professional and client.

For companies that use Umbiie to recruit for jobs, find contractors for projects and pipeline a talent roster for the future, it is the most accurate legal recruitment, talent pipelining and resourcing platform available.

The verification process is included in the subscription fee. For clients, the subscription fee also includes access to profiles which are 100% skills matched to your requirements, which would otherwise be anonymised, and for professionals it allows you to get into contact with the client once they’ve matched your profile.

The subscription fee also allows the candidate to share their Umbiie profile as a CV, even to companies and recruiters that are not part of the Umbiie network; so you never have to create another CV ever again! You can update your Umbiie profile as you progress in your career, and this will automatically update your CV.

In a world first, Umbiie recognises that the shared economy is the now, and the future. The shared economy, also known as collaborative consumption or peer-to-peer-based sharing, is a concept that highlights the ability — and perhaps the preference — of individuals to rent or borrow goods rather than buy and own them. When a client reaches out to a candidate, and the candidate accepts the invitation to connect and proceed with the application process, the revenue is shared between the skill-holder and all other stakeholders in the process. Utilising the shared economy on Umbiie means that you can also earn on your subscription; this is for both clients and professionals. A world first!


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