Email with security policy for DMARC DKIM and SPF

Iposi Net was founded in 2004 in response to a rising demand from big business for meaningful software solutions. Since then, we’ve adapted with the changing technological landscape. Our ethos has however remained the same: to provide simple, and meaningful, software solutions. We are proud of our Level 1 BEE rating. 100% black woman owned, which means that our clients enjoy 135% procurement recognition.

Securing your Brand and email Domain is one of our solution offerings.

In South Africa a law firm was taken to court for them not having their domain protected and lost the case. Read about it here:

Iposi in partnership with Sendmarc ensures that your most important business communication tool will be the safest guardian of your reputation, email will arrive where you want it to, and your name is continually protected from fraudulent use through proactive monitoring of your email ecosystem. 

Using Sendmarc, what arrives in an inbox is always the real thing. You and your reputation have guaranteed protection from impersonators, fraudsters and attackers. You can be fully confident that any email received bearing your identity has been verified as authentic. 

Sendmarc identifies real email and stops fake emails, so you don’t have to worry. 

Join Iposi Net & Sendmarc for our upcoming event to learn how to safeguard your brand and domain from cybercriminals. We look forward to seeing you there! Drinks and snacks will be served after the presentation.

Friday, 15th March 2024
11:00 for 11:30
16 Monte Carlo Crescent
Kyalami Business Park
RSVP now as seats are limited

Iposi Net meetup on SendMarc and email impersonation


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