LegalSuite Outlook Integration

Email communication has become the standard form of communication between attorneys and their clients in today’s modern world and the task of managing the numerous emails and attachments received on a daily basis has become an onerous task for many legal practitioners.

Vital information and important documents are often hard to find and difficult to assign to a particular Matter.

With this in mind, LegalSuite has developed an Outlook add-in which allows you to drag an email from your Inbox and drop it onto a Matter. The email and its attachments are added to the Matter’s Document Log and becomes permanently associated with that Matter. Not only does it help provide a complete record of the communication on a particular Matter, but it also allows other users to view the email and its attachments which would otherwise be inaccessible to them.

The LegalSuite Outlook add-in is an essential tool to not only centralise and share all relevant documentation and communication pertaining to a Matter, but it also helps you get control of your inbox and avoid email hell.

How it works…
The LegalSuite’s Outlook add-in is installed on each user’s PC and creates a new pane in their Outlook listing all the Matters that are in LegalSuite. Users are then are able to drag and drop an email onto a Matter, which adds the email as well as its attachments to that Matter’s Document Log in LegalSuite. At the same time, they can add a Fee Note (for perusing the email), add a File Note (to record any notes) and even a Reminder (to attend to the Matter in the future).


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