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Simply put, a cost recovery system is a whole lot more than a print management system. If fact the assumption that they are comparable is akin to comparing apples with oranges. Yes, they come from the same family of software – but they were built to do very different things, for very different industries. 

As the old adage goes: ‘you can only manage what you can measure.’ The value of tracking resources is foundational to the effective running of any business. While all firms can acknowledge the value in accurately tracking resources, the most optimal method still remains a grey area for many. 

Softlog Systems was designed, from inception over 20 years ago, as a legal cost recovery system. On the other hand, print management systems were developed for other industries – they are great systems for universities, schools, and libraries. Where printing and copying is tracked per page, per printer, and at a set rate. 

This doesn’t fit in too well with the legal industry though, as pricing needs to be customisable: different matters and different clients are ideally billed at different rates. And then comes the question about integration with a legal practice management system – because without this the exercise is void of its true value. 

A print management system is exactly that – a print management system. It can track prints and copies but has no way to track calls, scans, emails, or sundries. Print management systems were not designed as legal cost recovery systems. Softlog Systems is the only holistic cost recovery system available in South Africa: tracking all emails, calls, sundries, scans, as well as prints and copies too. It tracks every communication in your firm, whether billable or non-billable, nothing is manually tracked which means that nothing can slip through the cracks. 

Aside from Softlog’s seamless integration with your practice management system, the system offers a power managerial tool: a custom report creator. Want to know how many emails were sent for a specific matter, or want to see the disbursements of a particular employee? Our custom report generator can provide this data. Monthly system reports are generated automatically and can prove to be powerful managerial tools.

Don’t miss out on accurately, and painlessly, tracking emails, calls and scans. The infrastructure and time required to keep these systems running efficiently, and securely, is a real cost to your business. Use software that was designed for its purpose, and does exactly what it says it does, while seamlessly integrating with existing infrastructure. 

If you’re looking for the only holistic cost recovery system and curious about the return on investment, we’ll be happy to demo the system at your firm. See exactly how the system integrates within the ecosystem of your unique business and see the benefits of using the right tool for the job. If you think you may be using the wrong tool for the job give us a call. 

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