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In a fast-moving and fiercely competitive business world, connectivity is everything. Where would today’s cutting-edge organizations be without the technology to transfer data quickly and securely around the globe? The world of dictation has also had to move with the times, which is why Philips has developed its professional dictation and transcription software, specifically designed to increase efficiency and reduce document turnaround times.

Dictation and transcription software from Philips streamlines communication between author and transcriptionist with benefits such as the routing of dictation files to a predefined transcriptionist or job notifications to both, the author and the transcriptionist. Imagine being able to protect your data to avoid unauthorized access, or being able to relieve staff completely of manual file handling. It’s a lot closer to reality than you think, thanks to digital dictation technology and workflow software from Philips. Now with

Now with Philips SpeechExec Pro 10 it is even easier to connect authors and transcriptionists for easier, more efficient and professional document creation. The updated software integrates Nuance Dragon Professional speech recognition integration, combining two market leading professional dictation solutions into one easy-to-use workflow. Within the Philips dictation workflow, the software turns voice into text without the need for typing, making document creation one simple process.

Young and dynamic law firm Hermans-Wirix from Tongeren, Belgium is adding speech recognition to their daily workflow. They maintain that one of the main advantages of digital dictation is the sound quality. “The words are clear and comprehensible, and this is a great advantage for our administrative staff. Another advantage for our staff is that a certain feature can be applied to the voice files. We can enter a keyword to indicate whether it is an e-mail, a letter or an internal memo, which makes employees immediately aware of which software to open”, explains Mr Wirix. A dictation file can also be assigned to a specific person, so a distinction can be made between tasks to be typed by specific typists.” 

Speech recognition, easy to use

Mr Wirix recently also started to use speech recognition technology. Some time ago he was introduced to the Philips speech recognition software at the Tongeren Bar and did a test with it. “I read a text and my voice was recognised almost immediately. The text appeared almost correctly and perfectly on the screen, so I was hooked quite soon to the new Philips technology.

Mr Wirix concludes: “Everything is so intuitive, so easy to control.” He has been using the Philips SpeechMike for some time now and he thinks it is really practical how he can easily switch from digital dictation to speech recognition by one push of the button. He explains: “We continue to use digital dictation because we often give orders to the employees while dictating, like if they have to make a scan, or copy something. This is more difficult with speech recognition. Speech recognition is used for larger letters, larger texts, shorter writs of summons or submissions and that is very practical for these uses.” 

To sum it all up, SpeechExec Pro dictation and speech recognition software links authors and typists, facilitating communication, the setup of individual workflow settings and organizational flexibility. Both sides can work more efficiently and get more done in less time. 

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