afrihostAfrihost announced this pricing bundle in June, but after seeing some other ISPs offering new pricing, I thought it a good idea to share this with our readers.

Afrihost is offering the most affordable internet bundles in South Africa!

A well known company’s CEO recently said “price is not a strategy in itself. It’s a killer for everyone” – Implying that pushing prices down hurts the market, and ultimately the consumer. Afrihost rejects this notion, and has proved this in the past by introducing R29 per GB pricing – which eventually made broadband more affordable and accessible to the average South African.

Afrihost recognizes that the barrier facing many consumers is not so much the cost of bandwidth itself, but the total cost of a broadband solution. By introducing the most affordable ADSL bundles South Africa has ever seen, Afrihost is launching an aggressive attack against the high cost of fixed bandwidth installations.

How are these amazing prices possible? Simple – Afrihost has allocated a chunk of its marketing budget to subsidise the bundles. As always, Afrihost will ensure that existing clients are looked after first and foremost. Any existing client with an ADSL line and Uncapped product can combine their current products and take up a bundle solution.

Most notably, the 10Mbps bundle solution comes in at a jaw-dropping R897pm – which is even less than anyone else is currently charging for a standalone 10Mbps Uncapped ADSL Data package.

Afrihost will monitor sign-ups and the continued viability of the pricing, and may at some point in the future adjust pricing for new signups. However any client, new or existing, who moves to the new bundles will retain the pricing they signed up for initially.

The Bundles will become available at 11am on 6 June 2012.


Regular Price
(Data + Line Rental)

Bundled Price



R177 + R149 = R326pm


R29pm (8.9%)


R197 + R279 = R476pm


R79pm (16.6%)


R397 + R399 = R796pm


R99pm (12.4%)


R997 + R399 = R1396pm


R499pm (35.7%)

When I asked Gian Visser the CEO of Afrihost about the new pricing from another ISP, this is what he said: “We absolutely love it when ISP’s come to the party and lower their prices, because the winner in the end is always the consumer. We believe that if prices continue to decrease (while service commitment and delivery continue to increase) Internet services in this country will truly be world-class across the board!

We believe our pricing (even though already almost 3 months old) is still leading the market. A 1Mbps Uncapped Bundle (Line Rental + Data) will only cost R397pm, or just R197pm for data alone. This is a premium uncapped product (confirmed by user reviews and comments) at one of the lowest prices in the country. Our 1Mbps Business Unshaped ADSL product comes in at a low R697pm. For capped unshaped, we offer a 10GB unshaped data account for just R145pm, while 100GB costs only R790pm.

Since our inception almost 12 years ago, consumers have looked to Afrihost to lead the way in bringing down prices and raising the bar in terms of service and quality. We welcome this announcement, and absolutely applaud other ISP’s who follow our challenge.”

For more information, visit the Afrihost website.



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