Shrek Mask Ears

Dear Dr Ruth… from Shrek on LockDown

After 5 weeks of wearing the ear-attachment LockDown masks....;-)
NHS Covid-19 message

NHS (HM Government) Guidelines for Those Wanting to Ignore LockDown

Those wanting to ignore the lockdown in UK now can do so with a special tag being displayed at all times....;-)

CoronaVirus Blackmail Leave Fail

This trick by an employee goes a little pear-shaped... Thanks for the forward Mr Varkel ;-)
Own attorney

Acting for myself, Your Honour…

I don't mind you acting as your own attorney, but would you please stop hopping on and off that damned chair?!
Free Legal Advice - Take a ticket

Free Legal Advice

Take a ticket!!

The Lighter Side of Dark Load Shedding

Load shedding is no jokes actually, but we South Africans sure are brilliant at laughing at ourselves and making light of a...
Funny court report

What we want to shout out, but don’t…

These are all funny memes, and we all get a laugh from them, the strange part is, that most of them are...
Quixote in Trouble

Quixote in Court

"Mr Quixote, I understand you are being charged with vandalism to a wind turbine."One of Dave Carpenter's Great Cartoons