3 envelopes to doctor priest and lawyer from dying man

The sun dipped low on the horizon, casting a warm glow over the quaint little town where the elderly man, Benjamin, resided. He had just returned from a solemn visit to his doctor, where he received news that shook him to his core. At 82, he didn’t have long to live.

With a heavy heart and a mind clouded with thoughts of mortality, Benjamin summoned the three most significant figures in his life – his trusted Doctor, his devoted Priest, and his astute Lawyer. They arrived solemnly, sensing the gravity of the situation.

Seated in his cosy living room, Benjamin addressed them with a mixture of acceptance and melancholy. “Today, I received news that my time on this Earth is limited. I’ve asked you here because each of you holds a special place in my heart, and I have a favour to ask.”

He paused, the weight of his words settling in the room. With trembling hands, he produced three envelopes, each containing $50,000. “Upon my passing, I wish for each of you to throw this money into my grave.”

The trio exchanged glances, struck by the sincerity of Benjamin’s request. They nodded solemnly, promising to fulfill his final wish.

Days passed, and Benjamin’s frail body succumbed to the inevitable. As his loved ones gathered to bid him farewell, the Doctor, Priest, and Lawyer stood beside his gravesite, each clutching an envelope containing a portion of his wealth.

The Doctor stepped forward first, his eyes betraying a hint of guilt. “I must confess,” he began, his voice tinged with remorse, “Benjamin owed me a substantial sum for medical bills. I retained $10,000 to cover his debts, but the rest, I solemnly threw into the grave.”

Next came the Priest, a man of unwavering faith, yet burdened by a heavy secret. “In honesty, I too held back a portion,” he admitted, his gaze fixed on the ground. “But I assure you, it will serve a greater purpose. I kept $25,000 for the church’s charitable endeavours, and the remainder was offered as a final tribute.”

The Lawyer, ever composed and calculated, listened to their confessions with a mix of disbelief and amusement. When their admissions ceased, he stepped forward with a wry smile playing on his lips. “Gentlemen,” he chuckled, “you both surprise me.”

With a flourish, he produced a cheque book and waved it in the air. “I took the liberty of honouring Benjamin’s request in full,” he announced proudly. “Every cent is accounted for.” As he tossed the cheque into the open grave!


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