Cat sniffing dog to check if it is alive

A woman awakes one morning to find her beloved dog keeled over on the carpet. In distress she takes the dog to the vet who checks the dog and shakes his head.

“Ma’am, I think you’re dog is dead,” he says.

The woman, wringing her hands says, “Oh but doctor, can’t you be sure? I would hate to bury my beloved dog alive accidentally!”

The doctor tells her there is one test left that he can do to be sure, and brings a cat into the room. The cat walks all around the dog, sniffing and pawing at it and at one point, licks the dog. Then the cat looks up at the vet, shakes its head and walks out of the room.

“Ma’am”, says the doctor, “Now I am sure the dog is dead. That’ll be R450.”

“R450???,” the woman says, aghast, “How did you come up with that number?”

“Well,” says the vet, “It’s R50 for the visit…but R400 for the cat scan.”


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