young boy with science project grasshopper

In the spirit of junior scientists everywhere, Tommy, an inquisitive third-grader with a knack for misinterpreting data, embarked on his first real scientific endeavour—a biology experiment with a grasshopper he affectionately named Hopper.

As a part of his science class project, he was tasked with understanding the effects of leg removal on a grasshopper’s ability to jump. With the earnestness only a young scientist could muster, Tommy was prepared to delve into the mysteries of entomology.

With a makeshift lab set up on his backyard picnic table, armed with a ruler, a notepad, and a sharpie, Tommy marked a straight, bold line on a piece of white cardboard, dubbing it the official “Starting Line” for his experiment.

Hopper, unsuspecting yet cooperative, was placed meticulously on the line. “Jump, Hopper, jump!” Tommy cheered, and to his delight, Hopper sprung forward with commendable agility, landing a few inches away. Tommy diligently measured the distance, eyes wide with the thrill of discovery.

Next, with a heavy heart but scientific resolve, Tommy gently removed one of Hopper’s legs. Again, he placed the now slightly less enthusiastic grasshopper on the line. “Jump, Hopper!” he commanded. Hopper, with a bit of a struggle, managed a shorter leap than before, which Tommy recorded with scrupulous attention to detail.

This procedure was repeated, with Tommy removing a leg each time and noting the progressively diminishing jump distances. Each observation was more disheartening than the last, but Tommy’s commitment to science was unwavering.

Finally, with all six legs removed, Hopper was once again positioned at the starting line. “Jump!” Tommy urged, with both encouragement and a hint of desperation in his voice. Hopper remained motionless, prompting Tommy to repeat his command, this time louder, to no avail.
Puzzled, Tommy stared at the immobile Hopper, then back to his notepad filled with meticulous notes and progressively shorter jump distances.

It was time to draft his conclusion, the grand summary of his scientific endeavour. With a furrowed brow, he scribbled in his notebook:
“CONCLUSION: Upon removal of all legs, a grasshopper loses the ability to hear commands.”


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