commandments of social media

The Unspoken Social Media Commandments

Social media is fair game, right? Wrong. Over-use and abuse it and you’ll end up unliked, unfollowed and maybe blocked. We asked the teens...
Cell phone tower causing poor sleep and bad temper

Cellphone tower makes dogs fight and I have covered my windows with tinfoil

Residents of the Durban neighbourhood Glenmore are suffering from short tempers, aggressive pets, and sleepless nights – which they have attributed to the erection...

Google unveils WhatsApp competitor

Google has unveiled a new messaging app which is set to compete against the likes of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. The app is called...

Cellphone Radiation Is Real. Here Are 5 Ways To Protect Yourself

Back in 1996, the Federal Communications Commission set a legal maximum on cellphone radiation, those 16-year-old FCC rules still stand. Are they protecting the...

WhatsApp voice calling in South Africa

WhatsApp voice calling is set to launch in the first quarter of 2015, and South African network operators are ready to support the service....