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Anything related to the legal professional while at home, that could be of benefit.

Drinking water harvesting

Harvesting drinking water – Lessons Learnt

Now that all is said and done and the water bio-sand filter is filtering away successfully, I thought it would be a good thing...
making bio-sand filter

Harvesting drinking water – Making the bio-sand filter drum

I used a 44 gallon drum, dark blue, which originally housed glucose syrup for a sweet factory. The darker the container the better, it...
Sand sieves of various sizes

Harvesting drinking water – Sorting and Cleaning Sand

This part of making the bio-sand filter is a labourious task, but must be done correctly to ensure good quality water at the end...
water filter before and after

Harvesting drinking water – Preparation

With the current water shortage situation in South Africa it is critically important to harvest as much water from the roof and use it...
drivers license

Everything you need to know about South Africa’s incoming traffic demerit system

A meeting of the national Aarto task team will take place in Bloemfontein before the end of February in preparation for the planned country-wide roll-out...

How to politely ask people to get the f*ck off their phones

Chances are, you’ve experienced the following situation: You’re with a small group of friends at a nice restaurant. Everyone is enjoying the food and...

How to cancel your TV Licence

The SABC tells you to pay your TV licence because “it’s the right thing to do” – but thanks to the onerous cancellation process,...

Beware these car crash scams in South Africa

Car crash scams are becoming more prevalent in South Africa, and whilst professional insurance detectives can spot a scam, often a regular driver can’t...

How to limit your dependence on Eskom

With the rising electricity costs and declining power reliability, most South Africans are looking at alternatives. Moneyweb asked electrical and electronic engineer Heino van...

Global healthcare search engine officially launches in South Africa

Global search engine WhatClinic.com a ‘Tripadvisor for private clinics’ opens its site to clinics in South Africa to meet the growing demand for information...

What is the correct way to drive around a traffic circle?

We all seems to make it through traffic circles while driving - often with a couple of choice four letter words and the occasional...

Save water and energy with RST shower heads

The RST Profilence range of water saving shower roses are specifically designed for fixed head showers that enable, by means of a patented turbo...