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Optimum is a new kind of alkaline AA/AAA battery technology that delivers break­through performance benefits. Its re-engineered cathode technology with added new ingredients produces the most powerful Duracell alkaline battery. With Duracell’s new Optimum technology, consumers get either Extra Life* or Extra Power*, depending on the device in which the battery is used.

Demanding Devices

The need to develop even more advanced batteries is greater than ever. Many of the devices we own today are “fueled” by AA or AAA cells. These devices are becoming increasingly demanding and require a battery that meets their specific power requirements, to perform to its true potential. In addition, households are currently using their appliances more intensively than ever, because they are at home more due to the COVID pandemic.

Responding to the power needs of modern devices

Those battery-operated devices are an integral and growing part of everyday life. Their power needs can roughly be divided into two device groups: high/mid energy demand, and low energy demand. Motorised toys are typical representatives of the first group. For them to work optimally, they need a lot of power quickly. Game controllers or remote controls are typical representatives of the second group. To make them work best, they need less power, but for a longer period. Duracell Optimum responds to these energy needs with the new technology by providing either extra life or extra power*, depending on which device the battery is used in.

A New Refined Pack and a Battery Collection Box

The very benefit of “extra life” may also be uniquely translated to the innovative Duracell Optimum pack. First, it serves as a refined transport vessel for batteries from point of purchase to the respective homes. Then it becomes an “extra” sturdy collection box for spent batteries, bringing order to the battery storage and essentially collection. The pack itself is made from cardboard and can be fully recycled.

Chris Rood, Marketing Director Duracell South Africa, says: “Duracell continues to pioneer battery innovation to produce breakthrough device performance benefits. This new technology unlocks the potential for Extra Life in some devices OR Extra Power* in other devices well into the future. We are confident that Optimum will set the new benchmark for alkaline batteries”.

* Delivers extra battery life vs. the minimum average duration across the 2015 IEC tests (www.IEC.ch) OR extra battery power in a wide range of devices vs. the next best Duracell Alkaline AA/AAA. www.Duracell.info


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