QLED TVs are all the rage in the market and certainly worth it for users that regularly stream movies, series or who are gamers. If you’re looking for a TV with an enhanced brightness display, QLED TV’s offer a layer of quantum dots which helps to achieve additional vibrancy compared to the traditional LCD image. Overall, brightness is critical to the high dynamic range experience.

But first, what is QLED? First branded in 2017, QLED is simply a fancier LED panel, with the backlight converted to pure colours by a film of quantum dots* before it reaches the LCD colour filter, helping the colours stay more accurate and much bolder. These quantum dot LED-backlit LCD TVs offer 165% greater colour than standard UHD models and are less susceptible to screen ‘burn-in’ – those ghostly images that can be persistent on screens.

TCL South Africa’s Marketing Manager Ryan Curling says, “Quantum dots are a practical and great example of nanotechnology. For our TVs, we’re interested in light! When these quantum dots absorb light, their chemistry essentially converts to light of a particular range and very specific wavelength, namely red, green, and blue light, which provides the TVs with a fantastic richness and quality of picture.”

There are not very many TV manufacturers in the world that use this tech says Ryan, TCL being one of the few. The company’s QLED television, the C725 is a Google enabled unit that offers a 4K HDR, Dolby Vision, hands free voice control and MEMC (motion estimate and motion compensation) picture processing which offers smooth imagery for sports and fast-action sequences.

QLED is frankly a stunning experience for consumers, with incredible colour reproduction, vast contrast, and high amounts of saturation. It’s the perfect medium for HDR content and delivers remarkably efficiently in terms of power consumption.

“One of the best aspects about QLED is that it’s a continually evolving technology,” says Ryan. “There is no need to reinvent the wheel every time new TVs are created because the technology that we use today in our TVs will become even better in the future (scaling very quickly, both in terms of size and resolution) without passing on exorbitant research and development costs to the consumer.”

Need a bright and intensely vibrant television? Look no further than QLED screens to Go Get Your Greatness.


TCL South Africa can be found on Facebook (TCL South Africa), Twitter (@TCL_SouthAfrica) and Instagram (tcl_southafrica) or at https://www.tcl.com/za/en.html


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