dermanderDermandar offers a very easy way for creating and sharing 360 degree panoramas in only 3 steps. This is a great tool to give to people an idea of how the full 360 degree view looked like. Currently the offer is for free, but they have limited everyone to 100 panoramic views 😉

* Shoot : Shoot your photos using a normal camera with no need for professionnal equipment – a tip is to make sure your lighting is the same all around and that your point of click and shoot is all from the same place and height. A tripod if you have would be great.
* Create : Create your panorama and preview it within seconds using our fast online tool – the initial upload is very quick and it gives you a preview in a couple of seconds.
* Share : If you like what you see in the “Create” preview mode, you can upload your panorama to share it with everybody or with only your friends.

Go to to give it a try or to view other 360 degree pictures.


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