mathsParents and teachers know that mathematics is a vital subject for learners to master in their Grade 12 exams, and many parents go out of their ways to make sure their children get the best coaching, tutoring or extra lessons before the final exams. However, this process is often costly and inconvenient, and if the learners don’t enjoy the lessons they are likely not to work as hard as they could.

An alternative to the traditional methods is online revision. GetSmarter, South Africa’s leading online education company, is launching a new course in conjunction with Cambridge University Press that will walk students through their final revisions.

Here are some of the benefits.
1. No hidden costs
Any supplementary tuition is bound to be expensive, but many parents do not consider the additional hidden costs of these courses. Extra textbooks, transportation, additional study hours and computer tools costs a lot of money and are rarely added into the cost of the course. With online education, everything that you require is provided online.
2. Convenient study
The beauty of online education is that the learner can study anywhere and at any time. This means that learners who stay in school hostels can take a revision course without needing to arrange extra transport, and that those who stay at home can learn when its convenient to them, without having to wait for allotted lesson times or lifts from parents. This also makes it much more convenient for parents, who can save the time and hassle of transporting their children. Finally, since all the matric revision is covered, learners won’t need to take extra time to study.
3. Support and proactive encouragement
Unlike many self-study programs where learners are simply given a task and left to their own devices, online education provides a space for proactive teacher and peer support at every step. Learners are given a structured program to work through and have constant access to administrative and expert teacher support. And since all learners on the course are working on the materials together, they can use the social space to help and interact with each other.
4. Monitored progress
Parents receive detailed weekly feedback on the progress that their children have made on the course, which details not only the activities performed but also the time spent on the website overall. This will help parents to gauge whether the learners are using their time well and improving their results.

For more information about the part-time Cambridge University Press Grade 12 Maths course, contact Lyndsay on 021 685 4775 or, or visit

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By Anna Malczyk


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