ideasThere are often times when we see a great web site and although we think it is wonderful, we don’t have a need for it right now so we push it aside and forget about it. What we forget, is that someone else may need such a solution. So here are two such sites that I have come across that I think will add value to your lives….

Random Picker
How often have you wanted to have a small competition for the office or social club and when they say random draw you all start printing numbers and find the closest hat? This system will offer you a random draw by uploading a CSV file with the participant details and it will then select the winners – you can assign various levels of winners in the system. Once the draw has been made a certificate is available to verify the independent draw. The free version offers 100 entries. Now who wants to play a private draw of R100 each per month (limited to 100 entries ;-))?

Garden Pest & Diseases
For all the green fingered people, this site searches their database for possible pests or diseases based on how you describe your problem. It offers a very simple “point and click” and then narrows the possible culprits and offers you the solution to the problem, including pictures to illustrate an example of the problem.



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