notebook-hpBuying or replacing computers for staff can be an expensive exercise. We have found that it is more cost effective to give new employees that need computer equipment, a fringe benefit of taking out a 3G contract that includes a notebook computer for a fixed monthly cost.

With more and more suppliers of software migrating towards internet applications, installations on the notebooks that carry data is not an issue anymore.

This means that the employee is connected from the office, from home, court or from the deeds office with the use of 3G technology. This is also a great solution for sales teams that is not office bound as the 3G allows them access to their office applications on the go.

The financial benefit to the firm is that you avoid the capital expenditure on the balance sheet that relwtechsults in depreciation. Instead you have a monthly tax deductible running cost that you can budget for and all your new staff receive brand new hardware. You will never have to worry about old or aging computer equipment anymore as if employee leaves your employ; they simply take the notebook with them.

We adapted this modern approach with L@W applications to always service you with low-maintenance internet based applications because of the demand from people who do not want to be tied down to their office, but rather be mobile in this fast-paced world.

For more information on this exciting offer please call us on 0860 44 33 33.


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