Dynamic Software Solutions (DSS), has announced its acquisition of Softlog Systems Australia, an IT specialist in the provision of Cost Management and Cost Recovery solutions, to broaden the range of solutions available to Softlog customers and DSS resellers, help propel the firm’s continued growth, and to develop quality IT solutions for the APAC market and its resellers.

Softlog’s customers are key beneficiaries of the acquisition. DSS together with Softlog staff will continue to provide service and support to customers with their existing Softlog solutions, while also looking to enhance the functionality within these solutions.

In addition, Softlog’s customers will also have access to a greater range of IT solutions such as OCR, desktop PDF and reforestation products to help increase office productivity, efficiency and greening.

“The print management, document workflow and reforestation solutions we offer are all well established in the marketplace and have a reputation for delivering feature-rich capability. They will provide Softlog customers with greater choice when it comes to meeting their IT solution needs both now, and in the future,” said Andrew Tsiorvas, General Manager, Dynamic Software Solutions.

Resellers will also benefit from the acquisition. They will gain broader access to Softlog’s portfolio of IT solutions to on-sell, and therefore, the opportunity to improve their margins.

DSS’s acquisition also allows the Australian firm to continue along its growth trajectory.

“Since inception DSS has experienced consistent steady growth. The acquisition of Softlog Systems Australia allows us to build on this success and take our business to the next level. It also further cements our commitment to establishing DSS as a leading provider of IT solutions for the reseller and end-user markets,” said Andrew.

With a sound understanding of local IT needs, DSS’s acquisition also means that the firm can now leverage considerable development capability to create new IT solutions and apps. According to Andrew, the talent and technologies within Softlog are outstanding and ripe for harnessing”.

“By integrating the technical know-how in the two firms and Softlog’s great solutions with our cloud-based technology, we will be able to increase the breadth and depth of functionality and features available to both Softlog and DSS customers”.

“What’s more, we will be able to develop new and much-needed, practical IT solutions and apps that will unlock opportunities for our resellers. Not only will their portfolio of quality solutions expand, they will also be able to achieve strong margins.”

“As we enter this next stage of our growth phase it’s an exciting time to be at DSS. We look forward to collaborating with our colleagues at Softlog, assisting our new customers, and continuing to engage with and support our resellers,” said Andrew.

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