XpressDox Document Assembly

XpressDox Software is excited to announce that Docugility LLC has been appointed as an expert partner for the marketing, implementation, and integration of its industry-leading document automation products.

Docugility LLC is an experienced software consulting firm, offering a full suite of document automation services to law firms and businesses nationwide. Docugility’s service offerings include the development of complex document drafting systems, integrating with databases and helping clients leverage their Sharepoint and web application development. “Our highly focused organization helps companies generate high-quality custom documents more efficiently in order to improve document accuracy and productivity, minimize risk, reduce costs and improve client service,” said Bethany Keaveny, president of Docugility.

XpressDox document automation has the power and flexibility required for high-end multiple server requirements while still being very affordable for the small business or single practitioner, and for larger organizations where an “unlimited” subscription plan for more than 100 users is offered. The same templates which are used with Microsoft Word can be easily uploaded to the web and then run via any browser. “This is extremely important when one considers that the world is moving to the Cloud,” said Chris Pearson, Sales Director at XpressDox.

While document automation is undoubtedly one of the best ways in which firms of all sizes can boost their efficiency levels, it does take some time to come to grips with how the system works, and that is where partners like Docugility come into their own.

“Docugility can implement a successful and comprehensive automation strategy at your company and we can do it faster and for less expense than you can do it internally. By outsourcing your document automation to Docugility, you guarantee a quicker return on the investment and you can concentrate on running your business instead of adding to your workload. Best of all, you will not have to worry about spending money training staff, paying for overtime, or losing your trained employees in the middle of critical projects,” said Keaveny.

“There are literally a handful of software companies worldwide that offer the power and flexibility needed for serious document automation. Unfortunately, most of these vendors completely overprice their products which makes it difficult for firms to justify the expense. That is not true with XpressDox where we have priced our products affordably, even on the web-server products,” said Pearson.

“Traditionally it has been too expensive to publish contracts on the web, but with XpressDox’s tiered pricing model, firms of any size can realize the power of in-house or client-facing contracts,” he added.

“We are really looking forward to working with XpressDox,” said Keaveny. “Like us, they have a long and proven track-record in the industry, so they understand what our clients need from intelligent documents,” she added.

For more information on how you can use intelligent document templates to boost productivity at your firm, visit http://www.docugility.com or http://www.xpressdox.com.




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