AJS and MR

Michael Raphela Attorneys chose AJS for its legal accounting and practice management.

“I wanted a system that would save me time when billing for work done as opposed to the traditional way of billing.  I also needed a system which was Cloud-hosted, so that I could access it remotely when travelling. This became even more important during Covid-19 as I now work even less from the office,” said Raphela. “Another requirement was for the accounting system to help me understand the growth of my practice in terms of new clients each month, and to provide a report on the billable hours worked. With this information I can plan more effectively,” he added. “A really useful feature of the AJS system is that it allows me to record everything done on each file, which ensures that all information about a matter is instantly available. Apart from the obvious time-savings this brings to a busy office, this helps me account accurately to my client.”

“It is such a pleasure to work with Mike, because he truly understands how technology can help him to work more effectively,” said Tshepo Mochabang, director at AJS South Africa.


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