AJS and SM&M Attorneys

“We needed to move away from our old fashioned ways”

This was the main reason why Zanele Nkosi decided to start researching new legal systems. Zanele had experience with what the “big law firms” were using and always wanted to utilize technology to enhance her firm’s accuracy and service delivery. She just assumed that the technology would be beyond the reach of a smaller firm. The directors of SM & M also just assumed that the best legal technology would be from the USA or Europe and would therefore only be affordable for large corporate firms.

Zanele mentions that “When we researched a bit deeper we were pleasantly surprised that some of the largest and most prestigious law firms in South Africa use AJS.” She continued to add that “we also found out that AJS is developed and supported locally – so there is no hefty price tag to the latest technology”

She is very complimentary of the AJS team. “Tshepo Mochabang and her team were able to present a system to us that really opened our eyes to what is available locally. It is World class and, furthermore, is completely web based, so it ticks that very important box that we needed to be able to work from anywhere. The system was deployed very professionally and on time. The training was on point and we are really enjoying the system so far.”

“It makes complete business sense to us..”


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