LegalSuite offers an Outlook add-in that allows you to view your LegalSuite Matters in Outlook. The add-inn is installed on each user’s PC and creates a new pane in their Outlook listing all the Matters that are in LegalSuite. Users are then are able to drag and drop an email onto a Matter, which adds the email as well as its attachments to that Matter’s Document Log in LegalSuite. Once an email has been added to a Matter, you will be prompted automatically to add the reply to the Matter as well.

This assists attorneys to get control of their inboxes by allowing them to manage their emails from within Outlook, proving to be an incredible time-saver. You can reply and send emails to your clients from within Outlook. You can drag & drop emails onto a Matter. At the same time you can make a File Note, debit a Fee and create a Reminder for the next action you wish to take on the Matter.

For more information and to watch a short demonstration video go to:


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