AJS and Stefan Greyling

Stefan Greyling Inc. is an emergent and dynamic law firm based in Kimberley.  They are a boutique law firm specialising in personal injury claims, including claims against the Road Accident Fund.

They accept all personal injury claims on a no-win-no-fee basis, and carry all costs and disbursements in respect of the claim until finalisation thereof. They pride themselves in removing financial barriers for legal assistance, and in the process making legal recourse more accessible to everyone.

“I can already see that Flow will be a huge asset to assist me in managing the firm and to get accurate feedback on performance. I am now building everything around Flow,” said Stefan Greyling, director at the firm.

“Everything is going very well as the program is easy to understand. Fransisca has also been of great assistance,” he added.

It is absolutely great news when you have a happy client that embraces technology,” said Lazell Sprague, director at AJS South Africa.

For more information email sales@ajs.co.za or visit our website at www.ajs.co.za


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