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South Africa’s preeminent education, academic and legal information publishing house, Juta, is reinventing itself as the go-to provider of legal technology platforms, tools for lifelong learning and solutions to grow businesses under the banner of, “Inspiring Possibilities Together”. Under this impassioned theme, Juta looks to further perpetuate meaningful change in the lives of students; academics; the business and legal fraternity by highlighting its extensive digital presence that complements the publisher’s vast library of subject matters. “For more than 160 years Juta and Company have been associated with quality Law, Education and Academic publishing in Southern Africa. Drawing on our heritage of authority and excellence, Juta has remained relevant by embracing technological innovation and diversifying beyond publishing to offer e-learning and technology-driven information solutions,” says Kamal Patel, Chief Executive Officer. 

Founded in 1853, Juta has grown both as an institution in the academic spheres and as a source of intellectual wealth spanning multiple genres including academic, business and legal literature. At 167 years the publishing behemoth is rebranding to better reflect the modern-day digital era it now operates under. “The coronavirus pandemic upended the socio-economic lives of millions of people globally and students were not spared either. One of the lessons to come from the pandemic has been the importance of digitisation and being able to reach people anywhere they are. Our digital presence has made it easier for anyone to access any of our resources no matter where in the world they are, allowing them to keep evolving” says Patel.

Juta’s digital offerings go beyond simply offering the digital equivalent of the books they publish but also includes EdTech solutions aimed at enhancing learning outcomes with technology, LegalTech tools that empower professionals to become more effective and efficient, and LawTech platforms that help build communities through making the law more accessible. Juta’s proud legacy of empowering generations of South Africa’s finest legal and professional minds continues through the wealth of knowledge found under the publisher’s vast catalogue. “As the Fourth Industrial Revolution takes its effect on the world, digitisation is fast becoming a need rather than something to aspire to. To grow the world’s economies and social wealth we need connectivity fueled by more people having access to knowledge at their fingertips so they can make informed decisions or better capitalise on the changing landscape.

By further expanding our digital library, we are contributing to the knowledge banks of people everywhere, embodying the theme of ‘Inspiring Possibilities Together’,” concludes Patel.


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