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It’s finally the festive season and with it comes green and red tinsel, Christmas Carols galore and gift shopping lists in the process of being shopped.

Getting presents for family members and loved ones has seemingly been easy – a pair of socks here and a bottle of bubble bath there, but some giftees are proving to be a little more difficult than others. 

What do lawyers (really) want for Christmas? That may sound like a rhetorical question –don’t all lawyers want world peace and an end to world hunger? Yeah sure. But this is Christmas time. And perhaps the special legal person in your life is yearning for a little more….

So, instead of assuming your legal eagle wants a stack of John Grisham novels (because sure that’s all lawyers read), perhaps our practical legal minded gift guide may be just the ticket to ensure you give the gift that keeps on giving instead of the one that gets stored in the “regift” closet. 

Why are we doing this kind of article? Because everything AJS does is with the lawyer in mind. This time we want our valued clients to get exactly what they want for Christmas. 

That said, lets kick this holly jolly Merry Christmas into gear….

The legal gift guide – 11 gift ideas!

What do you get the busy lawyer who is seemingly always too preoccupied? We have a selection of practical gifts that are sure to add some positivity in your legal loved one’s life. Ranging from small to big, you’ll find great ideas below –  

1.     For the lawyer who is always too busy to drink a hot cup of coffee – you could gift them a temperature controlled mug with smart heating coaster? This nifty little gift is sure to keep their coffee warm throughout the day so that they can drink their mocha at their leisure. You can purchase this off Takealot with a 4 – 6 day lead time.

2.     For the lawyer who gets home too late to cook a meal – what about an Instant Pot – the 9 in 1 cooker including sous vide, sterilize functions, pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice maker, steamer, sauté pan, food warmer and yoghurt maker functions. Advanced microprocessor technology and one-touch controls ensure perfect results every time and even remembers the way you cook. Your lawyer can select their food in the morning, pop it into the instant pot, program it to cook whatever it is they want to cook and when they get home, they have a perfectly prepared meal. 

3.     For the lawyer who refuses to take notes electronically – how about the Rocketbook System? The Rocketbook system connects traditional handwriting surfaces with the power of the cloud. Combined with their extensive line of reusable notetaking products their free app will elevate note taking to the next level. You can write, scan your page to save for later, share a written document as the Rocketbook app connects to all your favourite cloud services and you can reuse – once done you wipe your page clean to reuse again. Easy, convenient and earth friendly. 

4.     For the at home lawyer who prefers to work on their lap – why not look at a lap desk by Pigna Cushion Lap Desk available on Takealot. This lap desk is a true workhorse, accommodating laptops of up to 17 inches and most tablets. Its generous surface dimensions of 53.6cm x 30cm provide ample space for devices, notebooks, and more. The Pigna Cushion Lap Desk comes equipped with a dedicated phone slot that securely holds all cell phones vertically. The slot dimensions of 12.7cm x 1.9cm ensure compatibility with a wide range of smartphones.

5.     For the lawyer working in noisy environments – whether your legal love works at home, from a noisy office or in noisy coffee shops, they are going to need headphones that can cancel out the background noise whilst also having precise voice pickup technology, allowing them to have a clear conversation throughout a call. There are many options to consider and prices that range from doable to downright eye watering. Why not consider the Sony WH-CH720 Noise Cancelling headphones currently on special at Incredible Connection.

6.     For the lawyer too busy to reada great idea is an audio book option from Audiobooks.com. You can choose from a variety of subscription offers where the giftee is able to choose from a number of titles, both fiction and non-fiction, per month using one credit (provided by you). This way the lawyer in your life can keep up with their favourite authors or alternatively, get to grips with the latest non-fiction book whilst busy with other time-consuming work. Not only do you provide them with a way to “read” a book every month, but you also provide them with an escape from their everyday worries while they keep active with other tasks. Worthwhile multitasking.

7.     For the lawyer missing out on workouts – why not look at an under-desk orbitals? There are a few to choose from…. from the Orbitrek MX Under Desk Elliptical from Homemark to the more basic Mini stepper ms100 from Decatholon. Help get your lawyer the workout they need by getting their cardio up whilst sitting at their desks. No excuses, just the workout. 

8.     For the stressed out lawyer – what about a relaxing massage from Sorbet Salons? Sorbet is an award-winning spa that offers a multitude of treatments for the stressed-out lawyer needing a timeout. And there are treatments that suit small budgets as well as larger budgets. There is also Sorbet Man for the discerning male lawyer who prefers a more masculine environment. A personal gift that forces the lawyer in your life to take a breather and enjoy a pamper.

9.     For the botanical loving lawyer – how about an easy-to-care-for plant that needs very little light, very little watering and is a great air purifier (perfect for the lawyer who is indoors most of the day)? Try the “mother in law’s tongue” or snake plant from Plantify. Plantify is an online plant store that offers nationwide delivery – a plus for those of us who are happy to cross off another item on our shopping list with an add to cart.

10.  For the lawyer struggling to juggle their daily demands – why not offer them an exploratory chat with a professional life coach like Frieda Levycky of Braving Boundaries. Help the lawyer in your life to live the life they love and love the life they live. A gift that can serve them well into the future and may just be the help they need to reformulate how they do what they do.

11.  For the lawyer who needs assistance with their day-to-day activities – last but certainly not least – for the extremely busy lawyer who could use extra hands to get through their to-do list. Why not book a free demo with AJS? AJS provides all-in-one, web-based software that includes full legal accounting and practice management software. AJS’ product suite offers the maximisation of workflow so that the lawyer in your life can focus on scaling their firm whilst automating low-priority tasks. 

With that said – Happy Shopping! 

We hope at least one of the gifts we found above will pique your interest and prove to be the gift that keeps on giving. 

With best wishes from your friends at AJS!


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