The Innovating Justice Challenge is a competition designed to find the next generation of justice innovations. By leveraging technology, innovation, justice needs data and partnerships, we increase the chances for people prevent or resolve their pressing justice needs so society and people flourish.

At this Regional Finals, we select the best innovators in the region that provide legal information, legal services or dispute resolution. They pitch in front of you and an international jury of experts.

It is a global movement. This event happens across multiple regions. The winners compete for a place in the HiiL Justice Accelerator, and to be featured in the Innovating Justice Forum programme in the Peace Palace, The Hague.

Meet these innovators chosen from 450+ applicants invited to the Southern Africa Regional Finals

for the children’s sake / Professional mediators and members of the Wynberg magistrate’s court offer families pro bono mediation services at no charge to resolve disputes in the best interests of the children. for the children’s sake is looking to introduce its proven methodology to other courts throughout the country.

LawBasket / A first for Zimbabwe, LawBasket provides add-on legal protection for insurance customers, delivering legal services through an online platform of freelance lawyers worldwide.

THE LEGAL TEAM / A comprehensive portal for small to medium businesses, THE LEGAL TEAM offers a start-up toolkit to guide emerging entrepreneurs through their legal, regulatory and compliance needs.

LegalFundi / Drawing on decades of experience in the paralegal sector, LegalFundi guides individuals and businesses who cannot afford professional advice through legal process flows. It also provides access to essential documents with both a free and paid for service.

rAInbow / Tackling one of South Africa’s most pressing justice issues, rAInbow is a digital companion which has helped thousands of women who are in abusive and controlling relationships with non-judgemental support.

Pro Se Legal / An easy-to-use chatbot that is designed to simplify and translate legal information into local languages and make it useful for individuals. Pro Se Legal deals with issues such as employment or family law, or interacting with the government.

My Will Online / The majority of South Africans die intestate, leaving families locked up in red tape when dealing with their estate. Using My Will Online, people can create and maintain their Last Will and Testament via a web portal or mobile app.

Schoeman Law Inc / An established law firm with a track record in assisting small businesses, Schoeman Law has created a low-cost, self-serve platform for automated contracting. Using its technology, agreements can be built in a few minutes and at 10% of usual rates.

The Warrior Project / Aimed at reducing the incidence of Domestic and Gender Based Violence in South Africa, The Warrior Project promotes rights awareness for women through strategic partnerships and community building, together with a comprehensive directory of resources designed to turn victims into Warriors.

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