Lady Liberty South Africa

A ‘1st in South Africa’ mobile legal office, taking law to marginalised women by traveling to poor remote areas, and virtually by using mobile technology.

Currently in South Africa there is a lack of access to basic legal information and services, which results in a lack of justice to poor and marginalised people. The fact that basic life-saving legal information and services are only available to those with money, makes this issue a violation of human rights to the people of the country.

Lady Liberty has created a “mobile office” where the legal office with qualified lawyers go to remote areas and offer the people a much-needed service. The mobile office focuses on aspects of family law being marital regimes, divorce, child support, domestic violence and wills.

The cases are then matched to lawyers who then either take the matter to court or find a solution which is agreeable to all parties.

This service is unique to South Africa as it is the first legal office that goes out into the field to do the work for the people. Technology is also going to play a part at Lady Liberty, where soon to be released will be a mobile app, a USSD platform and a Facebook granted mobi-site to help extend the reach of their services.

Samantha Ngcolomba, the founder, is an admitted lawyer in South Africa and Zimbabwe. She said that she realised she could not solve all the world’s challenges, but she realised that she had a legal qualification, and therefore chose to focus on the issues that she could solve using her skills.

Funding is derived from local and international institutions, selling corporate “staff wellness” workshops and also by taking cases from people who can afford to pay for the services.

Samantha would like to encourage all lawyers to extend a helping hand and assist Lady Liberty in their quest to provide basic access to legal service to all South Africans, not only the privileged few.

Lady Liberty


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