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South Africa is a nation in which our men have been historically bonded in violence and when you mix that with poverty, substance abuse, unemployment and cultural values, you then get an instance where South Africa is now becoming a country that is breeding violent men systematically. The question is how do you reduce social fabric crimes, such as gender based violence as well as to make constitution values our lived daily values.

MoLLy, the Mobile Legal Library, is an educational platform that provides legal explanations for children in basic education institutions. The goal with MoLLy is to provide the children with a safe space to access the law, not only in the classroom, but also outside the classroom – answering the simple question of “Who can I talk to about my experience?”, the children can communicate through the interactive social module.

It also provides a database of legal and non-legal service providers for these children. The system has an assessment and monitoring module that ensures that the children and absorbing what is being taught by Molly.

MoLLy “speaks” all the indigenous languages and can work offline when no internet signal is available, as often is the case in rural areas. As soon as the system finds connectivity, it synchronises the information that has been captured when offline.

The content revolves around Constitutional Law, Democratic Values, Criminal Justice and Procedure.

In the next 12 months of system development, MoLLy will offer an Artificial Intelligence aspect, so that the children can communicate with somebody/something that will guide them in a time of crisis.

The team is partnering with other Constitution Legal projects that provide education and information to schools, so that MoLLy can provide a solution where they fall short in providing constant legal rights and access for the children.

MoLLy was a semi-finalist at the recent HiiL Innovating Justice Boostcamp for Southern Africa 2017.

For more information on the project contact 
Thando Gumede – Co-Founder


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