2011ces1The CES Technology Show is the biggest consumer technology show in the world. It ran from the 6th to the 9th January in Las Vegas and had 2700 companies show off their latest products to consumers.

The word out there on the show is that it was dominated by the tablets and that there were a number of players trying to pip the very popular Apple iPad.

From what I have read, 3D technology is evolving at such a pace that soon we will not have to use 3D glasses to view 3D video. Android cell phones seem to be popular, with all trying to be slightly better than the next by being either thinner, faster, a better screen or supporting the very latest Honeycomb Android Operating System.

But rather than me waffling on, take a peek at PCWorld’s gallery of the top 15 products to emerge from the 2011 CES show.
Read more at PCWorld


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