gcalculator Anything Microsoft can do, Google can do better! Only kidding…. Just after I told the world about a great MS Word calculator feature, a very good friend of mine said “But what about the Google calculator?” to which I replied, “The desktop screenlet application? – I don’t really want to promote people having to download and install anything here.” “No, you fool – in the Google search field!” Well blow me over. If you open Google and type in a calculation with the recognised symbols, then hit “Enter” and it gives you the result!



If you want the time in London, ask Google.. Open Google, in the search field type “time London” and sure enough, Bob’s your Presendent in a neighbouring country – it gives you the time in another city and country. And yep, it works for “time Bloemfontein” as well!


And if you want to know how much your new camera at $299 from Amazon will cost in South African Rand – just type “299 USD in ZAR” and it will give you the conversion amount in Rands.

Metres to feet, or inches “1.5 m in feet”

Pounds to Kilograms “2 pounds in Kg”

I’m sure you get the idea, and there are a good few you can do, have a look at Google Search Experience Improvements.

Contributed by:
Malcolm Pearson


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