globalGlobal Legal Professionals is an international network of globally accredited professionals specializing in the delivery of world class professional services to its clients. The network is accredited by the relevant regulatory bodies and provides its members with (inter alia) advertising and advertising discounts, access to our database of approximtately 1,000 professionals, regular mail shots, referral work, copies of standard legal documents, newsletters, updates and copies of frequently asked questions and answers.

There are no contracts to lock you in, no notice periods and no referral fees!

We are currently working on a proposal with all the major (and smaller new!) banks, to put together a document that would enable all the associated firms with GLP to be listed on their panels.

Other Benefits Include:

1.    A negotiated discount on the Associated Law Servcies subscription fee;
2.    A negotiated discount to advertise on the website * ;
3.    A negotiated 40% discount to advertise in the Exquisite Magazine;
4.    A negotiated discount to advertise on;
5.    A negotiated discount to advertise on 2 Tix;
6.    A negotiated discount to advertise on Private Property;
7.    A negotiated discount to advertise on the Yellow Pages online;
8.    A negotiated discount on IT services provided by Frequency Networks;
9.    Discount / referral fees on bond origination;
10.    Discount / referral fees on advertising and marketing property for sale;
11.    Referral fees paid for introductions to new members;
12.    Commission paid for referrals who purchase properties / companies for sale.

The membership fee is a monthly subscription fee of R750

*  is an online wedding service. Its providers range from attorneys (providing ANC’s) to wedding venues, personal trainers, vehicle hire, event planning, photography etc. If you Google weddings, you will see that Celebration comes up number 1.

I used this site for my own wedding. I advertise with them and have received approximately 25 ANC’s already. I have negotiated a discount with for GLP members.
Advertising on their site costs R1,500 – R2,000 per page per annum. Celebration has agreed to give GLP members a 40% discount. This means you only pay R855 per page per year!

Areas like the Free State are free.

Please let me know if you (or anyone else you might know) are interested in taking advantage of this special.




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