ilta2010The International Legal Technology Association’s (ILTA) 2010 Conference was held in Las Vegas from the 22nd – 26th August 2010. It consisted of 160 legal technology sessions with 150 vendors from the legal sector exhibiting in the exhibition hall – rather a large get together. Here is the feedback from the event….

I did not attend the conference this year ;-), so I cannot report on the discussions, but what I will do is point you to some good feedback on the conference – and I’m sure there will still be some reports that have to make it to publication.

The website for the event is:

The most comprehensive report I found was that of the LTN (Law Technology News) in their articles:

A great find was the ILTA Conference Downloads page, which gives you the presentation for each speaker. It is not the same as having the speaker explain the presentation, but it does give you the key points covered in each topic.

At the time of the ILTA 2010 Conference, InsideLegal( and ILTA did a Purchasing Survey with the delegates of the show. 

They covered topics like:

  • Is cloud based computing on the road map?
  • Which vendor gave you exceptional service? – good to see Mimecast being voted in here!
  • What concerns do you have about cloud computing?
  • What collaboration tools do you use internally?
  • What technology infrastructure do you outsource?
  • What is the biggest issue or challenge facing IT overall?
  • What is the most exciting technology or trend?
  • What social media sites and services do you use for firm or department use?
  • Where do technology purchase requests originate?
  • When do you predict your firm will be ‘back to normal’ financially?

The link to the results is:

Enjoy the read!

Links found by:
Malcolm Pearson


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