lexpromtLexprompt LLC has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its Intelligent Writing Software — LP Writer. This application will help professionals and students to write, research, and innovate. As Lexprompt’s team puts it, as you write, LP Writer will put relevant text and information at your fingertips.

Lexprompt’s core team is composed of three people with very diverse backgrounds: software development, engineering, hardware architecture, material science, computational physics, business, law—you get the idea. What they have in common is their passion for developing applications that will reduce frustration of everyday tasks. The LP Writer project started out as an application that would help writers find and reuse existing text. Lexprompt initially intended the application to allow writers to retrieve, review, and use text from existing documents in the working document. Lexprompt’s team later realized that LP Writer is more than just an application that will help users write better and more efficiently; LP Writer will help users innovate and will stimulate creativity.

As the user types in a word processor, LP Writer will provide suggestions and information (sentences and sentence fragments) based on the entered text. Suggestions will be taken from documents provided by the user, which will be stored in a custom database, and will appear essentially instantaneously as the user types. LP Writer will run continuous queries based on the text entered by the user in the working document, and will provide a continuous stream of suggestions from the database.

Depending on the user’s needs, personal experiences, and creativity, LP Writer can be used in many ways. For example, while LP Writer is live on Kickstarter, our backers have already suggested various applications and uses that we have not focused on.
Your software might bring a scientific breakthrough. Introducing people to new data does just that. Have you ever been at Wikipedia, and through links found something new? I think LP writer can do something like that. My intention is to load the database with all the articles I have in my field of research and then see what happens when I write. The way your demo works it shows a lot of interesting data on the topic you write about. Akin to Googling every sentence you write, but only doing that search in one specialty area (the articles you have submitted to the database). — Backer

Take a look at Lexprompt’s LP Writer currently campaigning on Kickstarter: LP Writer on Kickstarter and see how you can use this application.



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