Freedom under law

In December last year the North Gauteng High Court, having struck Deputy National Director of Public Prosecutions Nomgcobo Jiba from the roll of advocates, ordered that pending the finalisation of her appeal, she be prohibited from entering the offices of the National Prosecuting Authority or performing any functions relating to her position in the NPA. 

Recently Freedom Under Law received alarming reports to the effect that this important part of the court’s order had been breached on several occasions.

Late on Friday 29 June 2018, FUL’s attorneys received a letter from the State Attorney not only conceding the correctness of the information but indicating that the National Director of Public Prosecutions, Shaun Abrahams, himself was aware of her visits but sought to justify it on an alarming misunderstanding of the judgment and the applicable law.

This allows of only two conclusions: either the NDPP and his suspended deputy have no regard or respect for the courts and the law of this land, or they are ignorant of the effect of court orders and settled law. Either way they are unfit for any public office, let alone two of the highest law-enforcement positions in the country.

FUL has requested its attorneys to prepare an application to court seeking contempt of court orders against both Mr Abrahams and Ms Jiba.


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