Bridget King of DLA Piper

Bank resolution – latest guidance on stays applicable to distressed banks

South Africa will soon implement a new bank resolution and recovery framework. Previously, banks in financial distress might have become subject to curatorship under...

Assist With Will and also Benefit ?

Mr Van Heerden had been in poor health and called on a friend to help him draft a will, which had a schedule of...
Nicolene Schoeman-Louw

The Ethics Around the Hopeless Case

As attorneys, we are approached by clients regularly with various issues and disputes. The duties of legal professionals are regulated by the rules of...
Covid Vaccines in the workplace

Vaccine taker vs vaccine naysayer: What does this mean for the workplace?

The line between employee rights and workplace safety is becoming increasingly blurred in a world where vax meets anti-vax The COVID-19 vaccine debate has never...
POPIA Information Officers Portal

South Africa POPIA: Portal for Registration of Information Officers is now live

The Information Regulator has recently launched its online portal for registration of Information Officers and Deputy Information Officers. Organisations are encouraged to complete the...
Music and copyright in South Africa

Facing the music: Whose song is it anyway?

In 2015, the 9th Circuit Court ruled that Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke’s song, “Blurred Lines” , infringed on Marvin Gaye’s 1977 “Got to...

You Can’t Sue Me RAF v LPC 58145/2020 9 April 2021

In a judgment which will undoubtedly be quoted for many years, and may become a cornerstone of our constitutional jurisprudence, the High Court, Gauteng,...
South African Court Facebook

SA law firm takes on Facebook in court battle and wins

The Middelburg High Court ordered a local businesswoman to remove defamatory Facebook posts and also held the social media giant to account over the...

Give your views on the Films and Publications Regulations before 17 August

The draft Films and Publications Amendment Regulations are embedded below. The e-mail address to which the public may send their comments is in the...
Newspapers and Estate Notices

Estate adverts need not appear on the same day in the Government Gazette

OFFICE OF THE CHIEF MASTER DIRECTIVE 1 OF 2020 Dated 3rd August 2020 1.  PURPOSE Various large newspaper groups have indicated that they will soon discontinue printed...

Demand to Lift Lockdown and Invalidate the NCC

For Attention:The Office of the PresidentThe Honourable Cyril Ramaphosa Via Email: The Spokesperson for the PresidencyKhusela The Minister of HealthThe Honourable Dr. Zweli 15...
DOJ and CD

Proposed Protocol to be Adopted by the Branch: Master to Address the National Disaster...

From the OFFICE OF THE CHIEF MASTER (dated 2nd May 2020) 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1. The Master is a creature of statute and therefore has an obligation...