AISSouth African specialist software and IT service provider Assimilated Information Systems Pty Ltd. (AIS) has this year marked ten years of successful operation. The company has established itself as a leading supplier of product, services and support focused on document generation, digital signing, governance and compliance, process management and desktop/ mobile data origination.

This business has a solid track record of service delivery and is a leading position within a competitive market.

It has done this by ensuring that its skills base matches market requirements, that its expertise are on a consistent and superior level, and that its solutions make a fundamental difference to clients.

AIS is a certified Microsoft Gold Application Develop ment partner and an IBM partner. This partner network includes Ovations and Prosense Technology, and it is through this network that AIS ensures that clients are able to invest in sound technology infrastructures.

In addition to expertise and strong partnership network AIS boasts a solution portfolio, one that addresses game-changing technology trends, including cloud adoption, workflow, security and compliance.

More specifically this comprehensive portfolio is designed to enhance processes associated with next-generation document gener ation and orchestration, enabling the move to paperless processes.

This is achieved with Software Orientated Architecture (SOA), Federated Services that allow for horizontal and vertical scaling, centralised template configuration governance, version control of template configuration, and flexible open standard API’s for multiple extension points in data transformation, processing and document processing layers.

DocFusion, the Company’s flagship product and dynamic document composition solution, provides document generation capability through efficient, safe and secure services.

As its name implies, DocFusion, fuses key considerations pertaining to modern document generation and template management, which includes digital signatures, dynamic barcodes and workflow, amongst others.

AIS’ leadership is convinced that the relevance of the company’s solution, its Document Generation module and post-processing capability, has, in turn, reflected positively on the company as a whole. This has helped it continue to gain ground in the competitive softwa re solution and IT services space.

“A decade of successful operation is certainly an achievement,” says Ernest Kleynhans, Managing Director of AIS. “IT and software is a market segment that is entirely dependent on reliable service levels and dependable, credible partners. The fact that we gaining market share, still delivering exceptional service to a growing client base shows that we are doing something right.”

About Assimilated Information Systems (AIS) Pty Ltd.

Assimilated Information Systems (AIS) Pty Ltd. is an established South African specialist services provider of software and Information Technology. It was incorporated in 2006 to supply large companies and multi-nationals, and leverages off its inherent intellectual capital – over 66 years of combined IT industry experience. Our extensive profile of solutions, which incorporates DocFusion, Orchestrate, Insight and Repayment Schedule Calculator, is designed to help clients address key challenges associated with keeping ahead of technology trends. These trends include advanced document generation and management, digital signatures, data processing and entry, workflow, as well as all relevant areas of compliance. AIS also offers Cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (Saas) or on-premise solutions.


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