natal law societyThe KwaZulu Natal Law Society (KZNLS) welcomes the emphatic statement from the Honourable Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng on the judiciary’s commitment to the Rule of Law.


The Rule of Law is the bedrock of our democracy and our Constitution enshrines and entrenches our commitment, bond and subjection thereto.

It is preposterous therefore to advance any notion of infidelity by the judiciary to their oaths of office and the Constitution.

Yesterday’s (8th July 2015) public and unprecedented stance by judicial officers is testament to the Nation, indeed to the world, that the judiciary will stand firm to protect and perpetuate its independence.

The KZNLS is gravely concerned over the unfounded criticism levelled at the judiciary.

It unequivocally supports the judiciary in its commitment to the Rule of Law.

Gavin John
KwaZulu-Natal Law Society
Posted on 09 July 2015


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