false_advertisingWhile browsing a local on-line classified publication I came across this advert by a vendor offering practice management courses, which after completion gave the delegate access to their client base which is 80% of the market. Wow! However, there are a couple of problems with this advert…

Maybe somebody should advise the people who placed the advert in Gumtree, that the Korbitec conveyancing software called GhostConvey enjoys a market share of approximately 80% of the legal market, but that the practice management system, GhostPractice has a very thin slice of the legal accounting and practice management market.

Then, if I were a GhostPractice client, I would be a little concerned at the comment, “Successful completion of our courses will give you access to our client base in excess of 80% of the legal market.”. What exactly do they mean when they say “access to”, would a customer have to be concerned that their details will be handed out to the delegates, after which they will start hounding these targeted attorneys for employment?ghostpractice_ad_gt

If I were a person wanting to learn more about practice management or legal accounting, I would start looking at a practice management solution which has a big client base in my area – that way I would have a better chance at finding a firm which uses the software on which I have been trained.

People interested should contact the regional Law Society to find out which vendors are popular in their area.

The training is definitely not free!

Here is a list of vendors as per our supplier listing for people wanting to pursue a career in legal accounting or practice management:

Aderant from Co-operative Computing
011 886 9870

AJS by Coleso
0861 265 376

GhostPractice by KorbiCom
021 658 9700

Lawpac by Lawpac
031 577 6882

Lawplan and Winlaw by Legal Interact
011 719 2000

Legal Mangement Systems (LMS) by AdvanceSoft
011 609 7482

LegalSuite by LegalSuite
031 571 1150

Lexpro by Lexpro
012 341 1939

Thomson Elite from Emerald Consulting
082 466 6070

Maybe KorbiCom could send us comments to clarify the statements made in their advert. Also if you would like to comment on this please feel free to post your opinions below this article.

Contributed by:
Malcolm Pearson


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