encaseportablecontent“EnCase Portable now gives any lawyer, paralegal, and litigation support specialist the ability to easily collect and preserve ESI (Electronically Stored Information) anywhere, anytime.” EnCase Portable is a data collection solution that leverages the powerful search and collection capabilities of EnCase®, delivered on a USB drive.

The solution searches a targeted computer and automatically collects data, including documents, Internet history and artifacts, images, other digital evidence, and even entire hard drives.

Unlike other solutions that reside on laptops, EnCase Portable is a pocket-sized tool that saves time and money. Users can collect forensically sound data in any location with ease. Once the data is collected with EnCase® Portable, the expert can import the data seamlessly into their cases in EnCase® Forensic or EnCase® Enterprise for analysis.

With EnCase Portable, any person with basic computer skills can search and collect data from computer systems, allowing forensic experts and other specialists to focus time and attention on their areas of expertise.

Read more http://www.guidancesoftware.com/encase-portable.htm?, or contact Secure Data on 011 790 2500 or visit www.securedata.co.za.


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