The Deeds Office has been experiencing frequent service interruptions of its search system reminiscent of the early days when the service sometimes went offline for hours at a time. This time around we are told that the cause of the problem rests with the SITA Internet Service Provider, which is Telkom.

It’s not all bad news at the Deeds Office though. As a result of the new document imaging system, most deeds registries around the country are totally up to date on document copy. The Pretoria Registry has been on the new system longest, and at present in excess of 95% of document copy requests are being serviced electronically. In the other larger registries, 50%-60% of requests are being met by the electronic system, and we are told that this will increase as more documents are scanned into the new system. The tender for back-scanning the remaining documents closed on the 26th September this year, and is currently being evaluated.


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