ajsO2Smart has announced that Van De Venter Mojapelo, one of its longest standing accounts, will install 1000 users of its AJS-based SmartCentral software. VVM has used AJS since 1990 when it was originally implemented for 3 users. “This will make it the largest deployment of the software system for one customer”, says Digby Vickers, director of group holding company, O2Smart. VVM has been a flagship AJS customer for many years and the software has evolved in parallel with the growth of the company.

What started out as an installation of a basic legal accounting system is now a corporate enterprise management system catering for all aspects and needs of a modern law firm.

IT director James Guthrie said that “VVM has grown exponentially in the last few years and we needed an end to end enterprise business system that is reliable and flexible to cater for all of our needs and continued growth expectations. There are a lot of systems out there but SmartCentral stood out strongly for us. It is highly affordable being locally produced, the product and company have a solid reputation and the flexibility of the software allows VVM the freedom for business to determine the design of the system and not the other way around.”


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