safe_journeyWhether you’re staying in your home town or heading off to a holiday destination, you’re sure to be spending a lot of time in your car this festive season. Your BlackBerry® smartphone offers you a selection of great apps (available from BlackBerry App WorldTM) and accessories that you can use to find your way to your destination, stay in touch and keep safe as you navigate through the holiday traffic.

BlackBerry Messenger
Share your pin or unique barcode to connect with friends anywhere, anytime. Take comfort in knowing your friends and loved ones are only a BBMTM (BlackBerry® Messenger) message away. Update your BBM status before travelling to “Busy. On the road to Cape Town” or just “Busy. Driving” to ensure your contacts now why you are not able to respond immediately. Don’t use it while you’re driving – wait for your next pit-stop.
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GPS on Your BlackBerry Smartphone
GPS technology is built right into many new BlackBerry® smartphones. You can use the GPS on your BlackBerry smartphone to get step-by-step driving directions to ensure you never get lost. You can also use the GPS technology on your smartphone to get your GPS location and to use location-based applications and location based services. reads your text messages and emails out loud so you can concentrate on the road. Eliminate the temptation to reach for your phone by letting read to you and automatically respond for you. Stay connected by listening to your messages without texting while driving or reading emails in your car.

Vlingo – Voice App
Vlingo is the intelligent voice app that turns your words into action. It reads new messages out loud as they come in. Voice recognition lets you enter text faster than typing. And voice commands let you open other apps, send texts and emails, chat via BBMTM (BlackBerry® Messenger), update Facebook® and Twitter®, and more.

BlackBerry Visor Mount Speakerphone
The BlackBerry® Visor Mount Speakerphone helps drivers communicate, while keeping their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road. It’s a Bluetooth® enabled device which allows you to stream calls from a BlackBerry smartphone over the car’s stereo system and receive verbal caller IDs so that you can enjoy your smartphone on the road. If you have a third-party location-based application on your BlackBerry smartphone that provides driving directions, the BlackBerry Visor Mount Speakerphone is designed to announce these driving directions to you.
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BlackBerry Premium Stereo Headset
Keep your hands on the wheel with a BlackBerry® Premium Stereo Headset. It gives you quality audio and sound isolation when you’re listening to music or chatting on the phone. The modern design incorporates style and manageability with features such as an elstomeric cord for less tangles and sleek control to switch between media options and the phone with a single touch.
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BlackBerry Wireless Headset HS-500
Get the freedom of hands-free calling with the easy-to-use BlackBerry(r) Wireless Headset HS-500. With the simple touch of a button, you can answer, end and mute calls, or activate voice dialing. Plus, the volume automatically adjusts and background noise is reduced, so your calls and turn-by-turn directions can be heard loud and clear in noisy environments.
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Car Charger
When you’re on the road, a fully charged BlackBerry smartphone is more than a convenience – it is a necessity. The BlackBerry(r) Car Charger makes it easier than ever to keep your smartphone fully charged. Just plug it into your car’s “cigarette lighter” and it charges your smartphone rapidly, and helps preserve the life of your battery. It comes with a coiled 30cm cord that stretches up to two meters for your convenience in any vehicle.

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