LAW HoldingsFor many years LAW Holdings has lent a supportive hand to Pathways, a long standing non-profit center focused on empowering children with severe cognitive and physical disabilities.

Located in Westville, Durban, Pathways relies solely on the generosity of individuals and organisations and receives no monetary support from Government.

The lack of Government funding for the education of severely disabled children in South Africa, more often than not, results in the majority of these children falling through the cracks of society, never being afforded the opportunity to empower themselves for their futures.

It is for this reason that LAW Holdings has been committed to building and maintaining a strong relationship with Pathways and, in 2012 alone, donated a total sum of R150 000 towards the stability of this centre.

Pathways Principle, Jenny Head, explains: ‘We are not just a care centre. Our objective, through our daily syllabus, is to stimulate and educate these children.
Through this work, in the space of mere months we have seen children who would normally be curled in a foetal position become active and smiling, children who could not walk or talk have learnt to communicate through computers and are even able to do mathematics. Every child has different needs and at Pathways we address these needs, working towards our overall goal of achieving a better quality of life for each and every pupil.’

Not only does the school support its pupils but also helps the families of the disabled pupils to live a more normal life at home, providing a sense of hope and an environment where parents know that their children are being cared for by compassionate and loving teachers.’

‘When LAW Holdings first formed a relationship with Pathways, our staff members were amazed by the incredible work being done at the school and over the years have been able to witness the remarkable outcome of their contribution. We as a company are privileged to be able to use our good fortune to assist Pathways with their goal of changing lives and look forward to many more years of helping to make a difference for these children and their families.’ Said LAW Group CEO, Luis Casaleiro.


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