lawpropLAW Property recently received rave reviews from a client who used the complete LAW Solutions package while on holiday in the United Kingdom.

Jeanne Brynard (Brynard and Brynard Attorneys) was still able to monitor and manage her milestones while on holiday as if she was in the office. In her letter to us Jeanne said “I could access files, draft document and manage all my work through LAWBonds, LAWTransfers, LAWRates and LAWSolutions without a problem. I was also able to manage the submission of documents via Stordoc Tracking by viewing all uploaded documents and submitting it myself.”  

LAW Property makes mobile conveyancing a reality with its range of web based workflow solutions all underpinned by leading security technology.  Your LAW digital certificate which verifies your digital identity ensures you can securely access your work at anytime and anywhere.

For more information on any of our solutions please contact us at or 0860 877 877.

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