powerhousebuttonFollowing meetings between Powerhouse Dictation and Nuance UK, it became apparent that a number of local “Dragon NaturallySpeaking Resellers” have been producing their own Dragon Packaging including pirated DVD copies of the original software. This is currently being addressed by Nuance themselves as a matter of urgency.

Before you sign off on your new Dragon NaturallySpeaking software, read the information below to ensure that you have in fact received a legitimate licensed version of the product.

Important information regarding Nuance Software

Nuance Communications is the leading provider of speech and imaging solutions for businesses and consumers around the world, incorporating Dragon NaturallySpeaking, OmniPage, PDF and PaperPort applications.

Only Nuance software that has been purchased through official South African distributors that have properly purchased or licensed Nuance software from Nuance Communications LTD will be legal, authorised software.

Why take these safeguards?

The reasons for buying bona fide software – as opposed to pirated, counterfeit, illegal or unlicensed versions – go well beyond principles of morality and integrity. Buying genuine software and buying from reputable sources that you know sell only genuine software make smart business sense too.

Why? Here are eight reasons.

1. You’ll receive technical help with genuine software.

Scores of businesspeople may be terrific at doing what they do, but that ability may not carry over to technical savvy. That makes a pirated or knockoff software program particularly treacherous – cheap it may be, but where do you turn for technical help when you need it? It’s essential for businesses and consumers to have access to a help desk, which all genuine Nuance customers receive.

2. You get full instructions and documentation with the product.

Buy Jim Bob’s cheapo knockoff of a spreadsheet and you get the program, sure. But what else? Instruction manual? Ancillary products that complement the software? All you’re likely to get is the pirated software. That means you may be saving a few Rand but missing out on elements that make genuine software easier to use and more complete in its application. First, genuine software offers you all the documentation you need and when you register it, you’re not just jumping through a needless hoop; you gain access to other advantages as well.

3. You get access to updates and updates.

The reality of the world of software is that nothing stays the same for particularly long. Products are constantly improved and kinks sifted out. Unfortunately, with a pirated version or knockoff, that continuum hits the brakes, leaving you with a product that’s never going to get better or more efficient. With a bona fide product, however, elements such as upgrades, plug-ins and other ongoing improvements are the norm. Saving some money with a cheap copy can be the equivalent of playing Pong ®while everybody else is rocking with Xbox®. Buying genuine software means that you know all available upgrades and documentation, everything will be made available to you in the future.

4. You avoid unnecessary risks to your hard drive and network.

Counterfeit software, much of it untested and unprotected, may be infected with bugs and viruses that could damage your hard drive and even cripple your entire network. Even working programs could have defects leading to malfunctions of your system. What business needs to worry about this?

5. If you use pirated software, you just may get busted.
Like shoplifting, many feel that using unauthorized software programs is relatively low-level mischief. You can think that all you want, but the legal authorities will beg to differ. In most countries, companies whose employees are found to be using illegal software can be liable for significant damages, fines and even jail time.

6. It hurts others as well.

Anything illegal never exists in a vacuum. Using pirated, counterfeit or illegal software is no exception. Recent studies estimate that even a modest reduction of global software piracy could add more than one million new jobs, boost economic growth by hundreds of billions and generate billions in taxes to bolster sagging economies worldwide.

7. Think about what it says about your business.

A repair person who arrives at your home in a clean, well-organized van presents a complete different persona than someone who pulls up in a jalopy with tools tumbling off the back. It may seem a stretch, but using cheap software can say pretty much the same thing about your business – both within and without. Think about the impression you create if you pass along shoddy spreadsheets to a potential client. Consider as well what employees see in a business that breaks the law to save money. Employees have access to the software that you’re using, this is not an invisible entity. It really resonates throughout a business. If you have these sorts of shoddy business practices, employees may even go so far as to report you. Integrity means practicing honesty all the way around.

8. With genuine software, you get peace of mind.

One of the best ways to protect your business from the dangers of illegal software is to get to know the topic better. For instance, know what “illegal” means – it may surprise some, but that can mean using perfectly genuine software on more computers than a business is licensed to support. Developing a relationship with a reliable partner or vendor can also help in coming to understand the specifics of licensing, product certification and other elements of genuine software. Not only will you spare yourself some needless headaches down the line, you’ll also enjoy the security of doing the right thing, both for yourself and your business. Buying genuine software means you know you’re getting what you paid for. And that ensures peace of mind.

Not sure if your Nuance software is genuine? Here are 4 aspects to check:

• You should actually have a copy of the software disc(s)
• You should have serial numbers for each copy of the software or a license certificate for the valid number of users
• All boxed software copies always have a barcode label added to the bottom of the box which will show a ‘W0:’ reference
• All boxed software copies will always be shrink wrapped

If you are unsure whether or not your software is genuine, please email us with your purchase details.

For further information please contact

Powerhouse Dictation Systems (Pty) Ltd
Contact: Doron Mansur
Tel: 011 887 1056


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