clients onlineDoes your website create business for your firm? Join us in Port Elizabeth for a morning session on the 4th October 2012 – the way your website works now will be turned upside down!

In this morning’s interactive TechShare session we will tackle the fundamental necessities needed to create and maintain a successful website for a law firm.

It astounds me when attorneys ask me why there website doesn’t generate any new or recurring business for their firm. But right from the start, the website has been created like all other commercial websites, no fault of the web designer, but the law firm is to blame for not knowing what they or their customers require from a practical law firm website.

Topics that will be covered:
•    Why is the law firm website different to what web designers deliver?
•    How do you identify the criteria?
•    Correcting the focus.
•    What are the key aspects of a law firm website?
•    Who should be involved in the design and creation of a law firm website?
•    You get what you pay for!
•    Images
•    Social media on and related to a web site
•    Live reports
•    Domain names and pricing
•    ADSL internet bandwidth pricing
•    Interaction
•    Blogs – are they needed, do they work, should they be part of a web site, who should blog etc.
•    How do you create value from your web site?
•    What are the fair prices to pay for web site hosting?
•    Backup of your web site
•    Local vs International web site hosting
•    Once the site is up, who and how should it be maintained?
•    Content Management Systems
•    Workshops of your own web site – if you are bold enough to take constructive criticism
•    Practice examples of good, bad and ugly law firm websites.

So as you can see there is plenty to discuss and gather to perfect the core focus of your law firm web site.

When you decide to join us, please gather the following facts to make the session even more valuable:
•    The amount you pay for ADSL per month and the amount you use.
•    Your web site hosting charges
•    Your domain charges per year
•    Yellow Pages listing and advert charges per year
•    Web site affiliated charges.

What we are not going to do:
•    Dictating that your web site has to be scrapped
•    Showing you how to design and code your own web site
•    Selling you anything
•    Forcing anybody to produce their own web site information
•    Recommending other service providers
•    Telling anybody that their question is dumb.

Who are we expecting to attend?
•    Attorneys responsible for the web site
•    Paralegals responsible for the web site
•    Law firm office managers
•    Law firm IT managers
•    Managing partners wondering why the web site is a money pit.

Your investment in this interactive session is R750 excluding VAT.

If you cannot see value for money after the presentation and don’t value your kneecaps, we will gladly refund you the money. Joking about the kneecaps!

We are limited to 36 seats at this venue, don’t delay in confirming your attendance.

The Paragon
15 Mangold Street, Newton Park, Port Elizabeth

4th October 2012

8:00 for 8:30am until 11:30

Email us at with the name of the delegates and billing information.


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