helping_handsWe have had a request from Sieg Heiriss to start a new forum where conveyancers and conveyancing paralegals will be able to post interesting topics about the local conveyancing process. Sieg has also offered to moderate the forum as well.

The idea is to share notices, share new procedures, discuss time saving ideas, discuss suppliers and mostly to educate one another. This is a simple way to share, without being intrusive, and in a forum that is independent to all vendors and institutions.

The only requirement for this free service is that participants need to register with their name and email address. Once you have registered, please post a “Hello” message to everyone, it is a nice way to break the ice, and get the communication flowing. Thanks to Sieg for his offer to be moderator, and for the great idea.

Also in the Tech4Law open forum, is an opinion by Sieg Heiriss on his take on Search vendors in South Africa. Tech4Law needs to advise that the forum is a place for everyone to voice their own opinions, and at no time must the opinions offered by contributors be mistaken for those of Tech4Law or it’s staff. The forums are there purely to offer an area for people to debate such issues – should anyone find these comments offensive or abusive, they should contact the editor directly.

It would be a good idea to read the rules before posting to these forums. 

The forums have been shut down on Tech4Law due to spam and lack of interaction from readers – editor.


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